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Starting 2012

Well, early this year has been diabolical. He was the defence of my Ph.D.  project on January 4th, but was rescheduled for January 12, in the middle, I presented the project’s research forum on UIED which has been reviewed by experts (fortunately, since it served me to refine the theoretical framework ).
Later on I will talk about the project in a separate post.
In addition, I still had to prepare the final examinations and the Geometry of Statistics and Probability for my students, who have not yet started to correct, but by their faces in their realization and the look that I gave to tests the situation is not very famous.
But good news, we were accepted for this year SEMIMELISBOA to talk about digital divide and decided to take a different approach, let’s look at digital exclusion through the eyes of digital natives (following the definition of Prensky).