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Starting 2012

Well, early this year has been diabolical. He was the defence of my Ph.D.  project on January 4th, but was rescheduled for January 12, in the middle, I presented the project’s research forum on UIED which has been reviewed by experts (fortunately, since it served me to refine the theoretical framework ).
Later on I will talk about the project in a separate post.
In addition, I still had to prepare the final examinations and the Geometry of Statistics and Probability for my students, who have not yet started to correct, but by their faces in their realization and the look that I gave to tests the situation is not very famous.
But good news, we were accepted for this year SEMIMELISBOA to talk about digital divide and decided to take a different approach, let’s look at digital exclusion through the eyes of digital natives (following the definition of Prensky).


The end of 2011

Well, the final day of 2011, I again remembered the blog.

It has been a troubled year with the PhD and the constant challenges of my classes.

In addition, my colleagues and I initiated our attendance at conferences (well, not initiated, because in 2010 we had already presented some communications), but this year we produced well (and not only in quantity), not only at conferences, but also articles.

We started the year in SEMIME talking about digital inclusion (in portuguese), in ED-MEDIA presented a poster and extended abstract about teacher perceptions of using moodle, afterwards in CHALLENGES we presented a poster (in portuguese) with the continuation of the work about student training and began the study launched in Barcelona last year, which was presented in Berlin in ECER2011 by my colleague (and we in the hangout google + from Portugal).

In between, came the publication of a book of proceedings of Barcelona and published an article on teacher training in moodle environment on eleed.

In the field of the investigation of the PHD, I presented data from a preliminary study and paper in Portsmouth in the ICTMT10 and the results of a mathematical task in SIEM (presentation and paper), and helped to organize a meeting of education on literacy and numeracy where I presented a communication on mathematical illiteracy (in portuguese), based on texts by Lockart and Allen Paulos.

In between, was continuing my first year of the PhD course, where I completed the project, which will now be presented on Jan. 4.

I would like to reference my work colleagues Patrícia Fidalgo and João Paz, and thank you for the work we have done, and my advisor for your patience constant.
Like all my colleagues from my PLE around the world.

It was a busy year, but they envision for the year will come tomorrow will be even more.

Good entries in 2012.

Self-regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments: Problems and Promises

In parallel to the last day of the EC-TEL 2010 conference the University of Barcelona will be hosting an International Conference on Self-regulated learning in technology enhanced learning environments.

The event is organised by TACONET and the STELLAR Network of Excellence financed Theme Team project on Self-regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (SRL in TELEs).

The conference attendance on October 1. is free of charge but registration is required through the TACONET Website.

Key note speakers in the morning will be…

Ana Margarida Simão (Lisbon University)

Heinz Mandl (Munich University)

Ton de Jong (University of Twente)

Yves Punie (EC – ITPS, Sevilla)

Me and my colleges (Fernando Luís Santos, Patrícia Fidalgo and João Paz, Instituto Piaget, Portugal) will present a paper

From proactive teachers to proactive students: learning experiences with self-regulated learning in higher education.

in one of the parallel sessions in the afternoon.