Week 1 in PLENK2010

Great discussion about the difference between PLE (personal learning environment) and PLN (personal learning network). Whether the forum in several posts and Threats (even one in Spanish), either at its meeting on Wednesday in a chaotic experience with Elluminate (but refreshing) Dave Cormier in the blank pages, a root canal (Stephen Downes) and an allegory  extremely useful in comparing this MOOC to football “even though we like a lot of football, we can not follow all the implications of sport, because then try to cover all incidents and all the ideas discussed: to specialize …” (Not direct or exact transcript, but the idea is this …)

I share a little of the idea of Rita Kop in which there is no concrete definition of PLE / PLN and that the two mix like an intersection on a Euler-Venn diagram (drawing to my mathematical roots). Basically they are tools that allow network and maintain those networks (and their connections) working in order to transform information into knowledge received through strategies used to learning that may be implicit or explicit, formal or not formal, traditional or non-traditional (in a very narrow sense of the terms).

Another concept that appeared more rapidly was the curator, but I still have to investigate further to “digest” this information.

This discussion also reminds me of the conferences on TED by Sugata Mitra, someone also pointed out one of the forum posts.


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