Tools of the trade… Prezi

In this series of posts I’ll start by presenting some of the tools that I use and I think are very useful for any educator.

I will try whenever possible to provide tools that have open or somehow someone component free. So I present this first case (for those unfamiliar) the Prezi.

For those who are tired of traditional presentations (OpenOffice Presenter, Powerpoint, Keynote, etc.) linear, more or less effect, but to follow a schedule similar to traditional slides and want to enter into a scheme where non-linear presentation is flexible to be changed at any time the Prezi works like a blank sheet …

After the enrollment process in, register and choose the account type.
For starters only need to have a name and description (optional).

The tools are all available in a circular menu at the top right and have the minimum options required to create presentations.

  • Write – with three different fonts for each style, justification options and even the option bulletpoint;
  • Insert – introduction to the presentation of images, videos and other multimedia content. And some arrows and a tool to highlight some parts of the presentation;
  • Frames to fit some elements of the presentation;
  • Colors & fonts – styles of presentation (somewhat limited in the free versions);
  • Path – definition of the sequence of presentation autoplay, this sequence can always be changed during the presentation;
  • Show – no need to define.

In my experience this is an interesting tool, even if somewhat limited in the free versions (you can not have everything), requires net connection to work, because the desktop version has only 30 days of use.

Unfortunately, as intensively uses the flash there are some problems in Linux, including poor application downloading the file in full screen, simply does not work.

I introduced this tool in a workshop with kids of 13-14 years and a time learned to use the tool and make presentations with some interest and were pleased to be able to access them on the net to exchange links and presentations.


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